The NFT Conservation Fund

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The NFT Conservation Fund


Art moves in parallel with nature, in harmony with the beautifully chaotic symphony of the planet. Our creative core constantly draws from nature, whether purposefully or simply through osmosis. We need to reciprocate, using art to give back to the Earth.

 Over the last decade I've seen first-hand the devastation that our Earth is currently enduring, oftentimes feeling completely helpless. Along the way, I've always have my camera to tell the stories that need to be told. My creative process has always been my mental crutch, providing the motivation and passion to inspire others.

My art is a voice for the voiceless.


In almost all assignments, my work is an individual undertaking. I'm changing that.

By adding my art to your collection, you'll be contributing to The NFT Conservation Fund.

The Fund is a grant-based program supporting creatives and scientists within the conservation sector. Grants are created using 15% of profit generated from sales, enabling talented individuals to create the stories that matter. Together, we'll work on selecting grantees, assist in curating their work, and amplify their creations. 

This Fund based on artistic and/or scientific merit, will move away from the 'who you know' framework of the traditional models. The Fund will award new grantees every 12 months.


Growing up in rural south west England, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by nature from a young age. Summer holidays were spent adventuring in the local woodland, watching badgers emerge at dusk, owls fly at dawn, otters swim along local rivers, and generally falling deeply in love with our natural world.

David, my late grandfather, was a passionate photographer, giving me a hand-me-down Nikon FA film camera when I was young. Wildlife and photography has been my obsession ever since. Now, many (many!) years later, I'm fortunate enough to have my main love as my 'job'.

My work has taken me around the world, to places that I never could've imagined visiting. Particular highlights include working on assignment for National Geographic (Feb 2018, "Rubondo Island's Chimpanzees"), BBC Earth (April 2019, "The Reality of Poaching"), IFAW (January 2019, "Protecting Barbary Macaques"), and World Animal Protection (February 2020, "The Otter Trade"). Regardless of where work takes me, I'm forever thankful for clients who believe in storytelling and the power of images.

Read my full biography and Artist Statement on my "About Me" page.


Relationships are everything to me. By collecting my art, you're showing me that you share in my work and vision. Beyond the Fund, I want to repay that level of trust to you.

Separate to the Fund, I'll be heavily reinvesting proceeds from NFT sales into current and future assignments. With said projects, I share all plans with collectors, working together to shape the look, feel, and objectives. Projects for 2022 and beyond currently include: pumas in the ice-fields of Patagonia, the whale migration in Newfoundland, Singapore's smooth-coated otters, and more.             


My 1/1s showcase some of Earth's most fragile environments and their inhabitants. From the frozen tundra of Arctic Canada through to the wilds of the Congo Basin rainforest, these are all ecosystems under threat. They need you, us, together.

These NFTs are world-renowned images while taken on assignment for National Geographic, BBC Earth, Condé Nast, Adobe, and many others. Many of these images have gone "viral", with millions of eyes having seen them.

The latest pieces on SuperRare here:

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