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I'm a wildlife photographer originally hailing from a small village in south west England.

I thrive on producing work that matters. Whether that’s leading a workshop in Scotland, on assignment for a publication, or working on conservation projects.. 

It’s my duty to tell the incredible stories of our natural world, through my lens.

About George

Giving back

In simple terms: wildlife photography is my obsession. Every shoot is meticulously planned, months spent researching various species, habitats, and dreaming up images. 

Ethics is everything, with the wildlife always coming first. Such an approach allows me to tell the real story of our natural world, uninterrupted.

My Approach

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Giving back and protecting nature is key. Whether that’s through my lifestyle choices, assignments, or wildlife photography workshops.

I’m incredibly proud to say that 20% of my yearly revenue goes directly back into various conservation organisations across the globe. 

Giving Back

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My work has received a number of awards, as well as being featured across photographic press and international/national press, including National Geographic, BBC Earth, Discovery, and more.

For me, though, the greatest recognition will always be playing a small, tiny part in pushing for a greener, sustainable future.

Other Bits

Artist Statement

What fascinates me about any artistic medium is the ability to pull the viewer out of the logical, 'normal' world and transport them into a space that is truly alive. With every image I take, I'm aiming to take viewers on that experience. Everything I capture is in the spontaneous dance and movement of the natural world, a beautiful chaos that the 'animal' in all of us recognises so well.

Some of my subjects are 'traditionally' beautiful, others more unconventional. My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in unusual places. My style reflects that, with no special treatment for one scene over another, all literally painted with the same brush.

In my art, I focus on the individuality of the subject, whether that be an animal, landscape, or both combined. My compositional approach naturally eliminates distractions, moving toward a minimalistic aesthetic with light post-processing; the world as I see it, shaped through the lens. 

Serendipity is key to my work; I’m constantly exploring the tension between chaos and order. This exploration brings me closer to my work, causes me to query my place on Earth, and creates interrogations about reality. These musings are funnelled into my images which, as is my intention, create as many questions as answers.

Over anything else, my images are designed to instil a sense of responsibility. Our natural world needs us, as a collective, to utilise our self-appointed stewardship in the most positive of ways. It's my sincerest of hopes that in decades to come, young photographers can be photographing the descendants of my subjects. 


Watching the joy of a guest capturing 'the' shot


Witnessing the Great Migration in full force


Otters at dawn fishing on the Isle of Mull


Cheetahs, at any time, any place, anywhere


Walking beneath the canopy of the Congo Basin


The biting cold while photographing polar bears


The excitement before flying into a location


Supporting young voices in a tough industry


Seeing our dog, Dylan, run through the woods


Bush breakfasts. Seriously. If you know, you know.

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