It's not what you look at, but what you see.

It's my mission to share my vision of the natural world, both through my photographic assignments and photography workshops. 

Join me and lose yourself in the beauty of our natural world.

let nature in

From adventuring along the shores of Scottish Islands, through to cruising through the savannahs of the world famous Serengeti, our renowned photographic safaris are guaranteed to make memories for a lifetime.

We’ve led tours — both group and private — all over the globe. Our extensive network of connections means that we’ll stay in the best location for photography, while working with the world’s most talented naturalists.

Our wildlife safaris are designed to maximise your photographic experience. Enthusiasm and energy is a given, whether we’re in the field, back at base camp for classroom style training, or running post-processing sessions.

Let's adventure together.

Photographic Workshops

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My assignment work has taken me from the depths of the Congo Basin through to Canada's far northern reaches. 

Using my 10 years of experience in the field, I'm able to assist in creating expeditions, shooting in the field, then delivering the final product. 


Combining my photography and social media reach, I often work with likeminded brands and organisations to increase their social reach.

Be it through carefully curated video campaigns or holistic 360 advertising work, the primary aim is always to further the green-conversation while achieving brand ambitions.



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